A Switch makes you smarter and even more energy efficient.

Smappee Switch helps you to take action. If you know that your TV, games console or home office have high standby consumption, you can put an end to it with a handy Switch. Just one touch and everything on your Switch will be turned off. And that means completely off. But things could be even smarter. With the Smappee app, you can use the Switch to turn your devices on or off remotely at the most economical time. For example, you might want to make the most of the night rate. Additionally, if there is a peak in your solar energy production, for instance, the Switch can assign this extra power to your boiler.

How does Smappee Switch work?

Smappee Switch is a smart plug which you can use to operate appliances remotely and which measures the exact consumption of the connected appliances. Use the free Smappee app to scan the serial number of your Smappee Switch under the “Control” menu tab. Your Switch immediately connects to your Smappee app and the Smappee ecosystem, allowing you to remotely operate your Switch. If you are right next to the Switch, you can also just turn it on or off manually.

Smappee Switch works with the most popular plugs (B, E, F, G, I, J, L, M) and can switch to capacities of up to 16A (country-specific). Smappee Switch works on the 433 MHz or 915 MHz (US) frequency and must therefore be located within a maximum range of 10 to 20 metres of your Smappee monitor. Dynamic switching (e.g., reducing water heater from 16A to 8A at peak times) is only possible for smart appliances and only when combined with the Energy Traffic controller, which is supplied with Smappee Plus and Smappee Pro. Switch’s switching functionality is thus limited to an on/off function.

Want to use multiple Smappee Switches? You can configure up to 20 Smappee Switches using one Smappee energy monitor. You can also use your Smappee Switches in your cellar, attic or other rooms in your house that the communication signal does not reach. A Switch can pass on the signal to another Switch so you can bridge longer distances and overcome obstacles such as concrete. You can link up to 3 Switch stations and the maximum range between each of these stations is 10 to 20 metres.

Important! Smappee Switch is only compatible with Smappee Energy, Solar, Plus and Pro.

  • Dimensions 60 cm (24″) (L)
  • Wireless communication: RF 433 MHz or 915 MHz (US)
  • C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
  • Storage temperature: -10°C to 60 °C (-4°F to 158°F)
  • Relative humidity: 0 to 80%, 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
  • Protection class IP 20
  • Switching up to 16A (country-specific)
  • Fitted with the most frequently used plugs (B, E, F, G, I, J, L, M) or open-ended
  • Configure up to 20 Switches under 1 Smappee energy monitor
  • Smappee Switch only works with the Smappee Energy, Solar, Plus and Pro, except in US: only works with Smappee Plus and Pro

The extra smart link in the Smappee ecosystem.

Just one scan and your Switch will be connected to your Smappee app and the Smappee ecosystem. It measures, monitors and controls the energy flow in your home. And the Smappee Switch makes your response even smarter, so that your home is even more economical and energy-efficient. The Smappee Switch only works in combination with our range of energy monitors.

Smappee Switch, how does it work?


Open the new app Smappee Energy Monitor 2.0 and add the Smappee Switch to your devices.


Scan the barcode on the wire of your Smappee Switch.


Plug in your Switch*.


Your Smappee energy monitor will automatically start looking for it.


Operate the appliance, plugged in the Smappee Switch, remotely.


Check its exact energy consumption in the app.


Add a Smappee scene and automate the appliance.


Just tap the Smappee Switch once to operate your appliance manually.

Take your project to the next level.

Have a new-build project with energy-efficient homes? Do your employees leave devices on unnecessarily? Want improved monitoring for your holiday home? The Smappee Switch might just be the perfect solution. This is why we also offer customized Switch Technology for your project. Switched with or without a plug, anything is possible. Interested? if so, click here to contact us.

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