How does the Smappee Gas & Water work?

The Smappee Gas & Water monitor takes the readings from your gas and water meters and sends this data to the Smappee app on your smartphone or tablet. The gas and water monitor is the perfect add-on to your Smappee energy monitor, provided that your two monitors are installed within 10 to 20 metres of each other. Unfortunately, the monitor does not work with digital meters. An optical or magnetic sensor is attached to your gas and/or water meter and takes the readings from it. These are then sent to your smartphone or tablet.

Readings are taken from your existing gas and water meters using an optical or magnetic sensor. You simply place the sensor on the meter and connect this to the Smappee Gas & Water monitor. A flexible rubber strand makes it easy to position the monitor securely around your gas or water pipe.

Let’s focus on gas and water

Smappee monitors the gas and water consumption in your home around the  clock and shows you how much you’ve used per day, per month or per year. Even better, it immediately tells you how much it’s costing you.

Understanding the Sensors

To be able to monitor your consumption, the Smappee Gas and Water Monitor comes with two sensors. One magnetic and one optical

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The selection of the sensors is crucial to guarantee proper functioning. The choice of sensors depends on the type of meters you wish to monitor and their available outputs.

Optical Sensor

The optical sensor uses infrared light to monitor the moving hand or reflective digit. It constantly emits an infrared light which, when interrupted or reflected, will send a small pulse to the Smappee Gas and Water. The interruption of the light is the small peak that you will see later on when configuring the optical sensor in the application.

Attaching the optical sensor

The sensor is attached by placing a self-adhesive surface above the digital/dial, with the small square hole aimed at the digital/dial’s point

Magnetic Sensor

The magnetic sensor basically works like a hall sensor. Every time the magnet moves along the sensor, the Magnetic Sensor sends a small pulse to the Gas and Water Monitor.

Attaching the magnetic sensor

Meters that are compatible with a magnetic sensor often have a small hole in them, which fits a magnetic sensor snuggly.

Box Content the small box. Contents of the box:

  • 1 Smappee Gas & Water Monitor
  • 1 Optical Sensor
  • 1 Magnetic Sensor
  • 3 mounting strips for the Optical Sensor System Requirements In order to use the Smappee
  • 2 AA-batteries

Gas and Water, please note the following system requirements:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 or higher
  • Android 4.4 or higher
  • iOS 8.1 or higher

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