433 MHz remote control, not WiFi

The Comfort Plug does not connect via WiFi but via a wireless 433 MHz radio.  A wireless radio similar to the remote control to lock and unlock your car.  The radio transmitter to send commands to the Comfort Plugs is built into your Smappee monitor.  The commands to control your Comfort Plugs are not issued by your phone or tablet over WiFi, or Bluetooth.  The maximum range between Smappee and the Plug is 15 meters.

Privacy.. a unique key!

In order to use the plug, you will have to pair the plug to your Smappee monitor.  The plug will receive a unique key from the Smappee monitor and from then on only accept commands issued by those “paired” devices using these unique keys.

The Comfort Plug can be paired with a maximum of 3 devices (e.g. Smappee monitor, Remote Control One – button 1, Remote Control Two – button 2)

The Plugs are One Way only!

The Comfort Plug is a one way only Radio Controlled switch. The plug can only receive commands to turn ON and turn OFF, and are not able to respond to the Smappee monitor in order to confirm that the command has been received and executed!

Feedback via the Consumption and Events!

If you connect the plug to e.g. an appliance that you have identified with Smappee, then you can watch the event list and verify that the plug turned on at a specific time by verifying that immediately following the ON/OFF event of the Comfort Plug, the appliance (powered by the plug) turned ON or OFF as well.  In other words, confirmation of the ON or OFF comes via the consumption.

The “Plugs” screen allows you to turn ON and OFF your plugs.  At the top of this screen, a light grey “events” area, shows events like “Home cinema On” and power changes (in this example “+386 W”).  You can check if the plug turned ON or OFF something (power increase) or a specific appliance.

Does the App show if the plug is ON or OFF?

No. The App does not “know” the state of the plug.

This is because the plug is one-way, it only receives radio signals, but does not send it’s current state to Smappee.

Since the state of the plug may change outside the control of Smappee (using the manual remote control, power reset, out of range, …) the Smappee and the App have no way of being sure of the actual state of the plug.

Triggers and Actions

Smappee provides a number of interesting Triggers and associated Actions to control your Comfort Plugs.

You can define as many triggers as you want and add them to your Comfort Plugs. Today Smappee provides Actions to:

  • Turn ON
  • Turn OFF
  • Turn ON for a duration of 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour
  • Turn OFF for a duration of 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour


  • A Duration Action is actually two actions; one immediately when the trigger condition is met, and the other at the end of the duration period.
  • After a Duration Off Action the plug is left in the on state

Kind of Triggers

Appliance triggers and events

  • Garage Door open (detecting the motor of the door, so no need to add a door contact) >> Trigger the Comfort Plug that turns On the lights in the Garage.
  • Nespresso machine event >> Comfort Plug switches my Radio in the Kitchen for an hour

In the example below I turn On the Comfort Plug “Radio Kitchen” when I make an Espresso coffee.  I defined a Trigger, named it:  “Nespresso > Turn on things..”.

When the appliance “Nespresso” turns ON, this trigger will execute the Action as defined in the above example: “Turn ON” and apply the “Turn ON” action to the Plugs listed under “Applied To”.

The list shows the Timestamp: “Today 10:08”.

Consumption and Production triggers:

  • Consumption (in W) rises above a user defined threshold, then change my Hue Light to Red
  • Consumption (in W) under a user defined threshold, then change my Hue Light back to Green
  • Solar or Wind production rises above .. >> charge my Tesla
    Solar or Wind production under ..  >> stop charging my Tesla

General Activity and Inactivity triggers:

  • Sunset events with an offset in minutes before or minutes after.  Very useful to turn On lights automatically or to power (enable) those lights to be used.
  • Sunrise events with an offset in minutes before and minutes after the sunrise.  Useful to turn lights Off when no longer needed and save energy.

nNte: you will have to allow Smappee to use your home’s location.  Sunrise and sunset are calculated, based on your location on earth. In the main menu, navigate to “Smappee”, then “Set Location”.  Do this when you are at home; Smappee’s location.


When you leave a location or reach another location.  You can turn off your Stanby Power using the Comfort Plugs when you leave home.  Turn on the Lights when you get close to home.  Change the Range with the Slider at the bottom of the map.


Create Schedules to control the Plugs.

Vacation Mode (Holiday Mode)

Vacation mode is a mode that can be activated via the Comfort Plug menu. This is a special schedule for Plugs. You can set your plugs like this so they are only enabled when you are in “holiday mode.” So a plug with the schedule “vacation” will only be switched on or off in holiday mode.

You must first enable “vacation mode” in the app. This can be found under the ‘plugs’ menu, the switch symbol on the home screen right.

You should also set a trigger with a special scheme, namely ‘holiday’. If the holiday mode is then activated, only that plug with that specific trigger will work.

How to test those events?

Add a Comfort Plug and activate the Events this plug.  The Plug will be controlled by those triggers.  The list of events, shows the On and Off commands and the timestamps in the list, next to the Comfort Plug.  In the example below I turn ON the Comfort Plug “Radio Kitchen” when I make an Espresso coffee.  The list shows the Timestamp: “Today 10:08”.

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