Smart Thermostat

Supply A.N.D. Services offers the latest smart thermostat technologies from the top smart thermostat manufacturers.

Smart thermostats are called “smart” because they learn from your behaviours, allow for remote climate control, provide energy consumption data in real-time, and can even make automatic adjustments to account for ambient conditions like humidity.

Without a smart thermostat, most people don’t bother to change the temperature in their home and continue to run their heating or cooling system at full blast, even when while sleeping or away from the house.

Smart thermostats optimize your home comfort system when you are home and help you save on your energy costs when you’re away.

They can learn your routine within a few days and program itself to use less energy while you are out of the house – you will feel both the warmth and the savings immediately!

Benefits include:

  • Optimized heating/ cooling efficiency
  • User friendly, intuitive, easy to use controls
  • Variable controls for heating/ cooling, humidification and ventilation
  • Wi-Fi accessible