High Efficiency Furnace

When you choose Supply A.N.D. Services, you receive exclusive access to contractor rates on over 100 different brand name high-efficiency residential furnaces.

We specialize in all residential furnaces including forced air furnaces, downflow furnaces, wall furnaces, crawlspace furnaces, 2-in-1 units, and horizontal furnaces.

Our certified technicians are experienced with all fuel types, such as natural gas, liquid propane, electricity and oil.

Unsure of what you need? No problem – We can help!

Our dedicated customer support team will help you maximize your efficiency and savings by assisting you in selecting a unit that meets both your needs and budget.

Benefits include:

  • Significant energy savings – lower your gas and electricity usage
  • Quiet motor providing even and consistent heat
  • Safety first – exhaust gases are forced outdoors
  • Reduce your environmental footprint by using less energy