Few things in life are as satisfying as relaxing next to a warm cozy fireplace.

Supply A.N.D. Services offers a wide selection of wood burning, natural gas, liquid propane and electric fireplaces, inserts, stoves, and accessories.

Choose between traditional, contemporary and modern styles to enhance the design, value and comfort of your home.

Natural gas, liquid propane, and electric fireplaces make a stylish and warm centrepiece in your home without any of the ashes, dust, or smoke involved in using a traditional wood burning fireplace or stove. They are extremely safe and reliable and can even keep your home warm during a power outage. In addition, natural gas, liquid propane and electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere in your home, even if you don’t have a chimney.


Benefits of Natural Gas, Liquid Propane, and Electric Fireplaces:

  • Many styles to complement any home or décor
  • A wide range of durable finishes, including brushed chrome and matte black
  • Sizes to fit any home
  • High-efficiency inserts help reduce your heating costs
  • Electric fireplaces can be installed virtually anywhere to add beauty and warmth to your home

Supply A.N.D. Services can help you select a fireplace, insert, or stove that meets both your needs and budget! Contact us today for a free assessment.