Supply A.N.D. Services is here for all your residential heating & cooling needs!


When you choose Supply A.N.D. Services, you receive exclusive access to contractor rates on over 100 different brand name high-efficiency residential furnaces.

We specialize in all residential furnaces including forced air furnaces, downflow furnaces, wall furnaces, crawlspace furnaces, 2-in-1 units, and horizontal furnaces.

Air Conditioner

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Ductless Mini Splits

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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat or cool your home. A compressor is used to circulate refrigerant that can both absorb or release heat as required. Instead of generating heat like other traditional heating systems, heat pumps move heat either into, or away from, a controlled space.

Hydronic Systems

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Natural gas, liquid propane, and electric fireplaces make a stylish and warm centrepiece in your home without any of the ashes, dust, or smoke involved in using a traditional wood burning fireplace or stove. They are extremely safe and reliable and can even keep your home warm during a power outage. In addition, natural gas, liquid propane and electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere in your home, even if you don’t have a chimney.

Smart Thermostat

Supply A.N.D. Services offers the latest smart thermostat technologies from the top smart thermostat manufacturers.

Smart thermostats are called “smart” because they learn from your behaviours, allow for remote climate control, provide energy consumption data in real-time, and can even make automatic adjustments to account for ambient conditions like humidity.