A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is an excellent way to fund home renovations or pay off personal debts. A home equity line of credit is commonly referred to as a revolving line of credit, as it can be used over and over—just like a credit card.

A HELOC is a secured line of credit that is secured against the equity in your home. It offers very low interest and low monthly payments. It can even be added on to your current mortgage without posing any implications on it.

Benefits of a Home Equity Line of Credit include the following:

  • Extreme flexibility
  • Low interest rates
  • Low monthly payments
  • Only pay interest on the amount you borrow
  • Can pay down the balance at any time without penalty
  • Can be used for home renovations to increase your home’s property value
  • Can be used to consolidate high interest credit card debts
  • Great way to provide backup finances in the case of serious life events
  • Provides a safety net for you and your family
  • Revolving line of credit at your disposal
  • Simple application process
  • Quick approval

Home equity lines of credit provide a revolving cash flow to use as you require and can be a great safety net for you and your family.

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